How would you like to win your very own private 30 minute TSR online concert & video chat!?!?

All you need to do is get 15 of your friends to follow TSR on twitter.  Be sure and keep track of the followers you’re getting.  Once you’ve gotten 15, send an email to with all 15 twitter names so TSR can verify that they are all following them.  Once it’s been confirmed, TSR will contact you to set up a time to schedule a 30 minute private concert on for you & up to 3 of your friends!!  Remember, is different than StageIt in that you can see TSR & they can see you!

TSR is allowing multiple winners on this contest.  Anyone can win & you can win up to four (4) total Oovoo chats.  A good strategy might be to grab 3 friends and try and reach the goal together.

For example, 15 followers = one 30 minute concert, 30 new followers = two 30 minute concerts, 45 new = three 30 minute concerts, etc…

Asking someone to un-follow TSR & then re-follow will not count toward your 15.

Followers must be real people with active twitter accounts. No bots. 

Contest ends at midnight on Wednesday, November 27th CST.