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2SR is running a contest that rewards YOU for streaming their music on Spotify! Everything you’ll need to know is explained in the video above. Be sure & pay CLOSE attention to the 3:00 mark. We’ve also written it out in case you have problems loading the video. Please know that anyone with a FREE or PAID Spotify account can win any of these prizes AND everyone can win EVERY.SINGLE.PRIZE!

You must be following 2SR on Spotify and also “save” that particular song to your Spotify library.

2SR is offering different prizes based on how many times you’ve streamed a song. Once your stream count has reached a new reward level, you win that prize. It’s not about who gets there first…just as long as you hit each reward level.

1. Go to & create a free account.

2. Open your Spotify app on the mobile or desktop app, find & click the “settings” tab & scroll down until you see “scrobble to”. Enter the username & password you created on the Last.FM website & hit “connect”. “Scrobble” simply means that Last.FM will track how many times you listen to a song on Spotify.

3. At any point in time, login to your Last.FM account (or using the Last.FM Scrobbler app on your mobile device), click on your profile picture in the upper-right hand corner, and hit “view profile”. Once your profile page loads, scroll down until you see “Top Tracks”. Change the “date range” to “ALL TIME” and your total stream count will automatically appear. Simply take a screenshot of your stream count and email it to

If you want to cram in a lot of streams during a certain amount of free time you have (no matter if you have a FREE or PAID Spotify account) here’s how:
Open the Spotify app on your computer or laptop (does not work on mobile app). Once you’re playing the song, 2 buttons to the right of the “play” button is a “repeat” button. Click that repeat button twice until you see a “1” sign appear. This means that song will play continuously until you hit the stop button. 🙂

100 STREAMS: We’ll give you a thank you shoutout on your choice of Instagram Stories or Twitter!

250 STREAMS: We’ll call you on the phone so we can tell you how awesome we think you are…and also see how your day is going. 🙂

500 STREAMS: We’ll do a 10 minute Skype video chat with you including a live, acoustic performance of that song!

1000 STREAMS: We’ll give you a 30 minute acoustic concert over Skype and feel free to conference in up to 4 friends! (Skype supports group video chats)

1250 STREAMS: We’ll send you a private playlist link where you can listen to 1 unreleased, brand new song from our upcoming album!

1500 STREAMS: We’ll send you a private playlist link where you can listen to 2 unreleased, brand new songs from our upcoming album!

1750 STREAMS: We’ll send you a private playlist link where you can listen to 3 unreleased, brand new songs from our upcoming album!

2000 STREAMS: We’ll grab our band, film & produce a high quality live performance video of us singing the song AND include a personalized thank you message in the opening & ending credits. We’ll send you the YouTube link once it’s finished so you can watch it whenever you want!

includes: free 2SR iTunes downloads, autographed EP, t-shirt, koozie, and 3 different 8×10’s signed & personalized to YOU! (while supplies last)
PLUS…a MASSIVE, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC shoutout on social media telling the whole world that you are basically the coolest person of all time.

Just don’t forget about that little, teeny-tiny repeat button!

Send Brandon & Jamelle an email at with an idea of what you’d like them to do. If they can accommodate it, they’ll tell you how many streams they think it’s worth. Once you hit that # of streams, it’s a done deal!


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