In keeping with the theme of being thankful in November, TSR really wants to thank YOU, the fans, & get to know you better!   From now until the end of November, TSR is starting “Two Story Thanks”.  Every once in a while, TSR will send out a tweet saying #TwoStoryThanks.  At that time, they’ll wait 5 minutes & then sign in to their Oovoo account and randomly call one person on their friends list.  If they call you, you’ll get a 5 minute one on one video chat with TSR!!  Here’s how you can win:

Visit & create an account (it’s free) and send Two Story Road a friend request.  Their screen name is twostoryroad.   Make sure you’re following @twostoryroad on twitter so you’ll see their tweet letting you know when to sign in to your Oovoo account.  As long as your logged in to Oovoo from your computer, smartphone, or tablet,  you’ll have a chance to win!

***If the first person TSR calls does not answer after 2 attempts, they’ll randomly select someone else who is online. 

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