TSR is looking for some dedicated fans to pass out some flyers during CMA Fest this year & help spread the word about what they have going on.  TSR is also having an EXCLUSIVE party on Saturday, June 7th at 3pm at a secret location for Street Team Members ONLY.  We can’t say too much about the party other than ice cream will be involved.  🙂

Sound like something you’d like to do? Click on the link below to find out how you can join the Roadie Street Team!


The party on Saturday is limited to the first 40 people who sign up & there’s only a few spots left so don’t wait too much longer!





Here’s all you need to know about everything that TSR has going on during CMA Fest 2014! 



This Friday, May 16th at 12pmCST, TSR will be opening up registration for their Fan Party which takes place on June 6th at Noteable Blends from 10am-12pm.

This is a FREE event but seating is limited to the first 100 people who sign up and get a ticket.  Registration is easy & only takes a minute.  Just input your name & email.  Unfortunately, you can’t reserve more than one ticket with your name.  One ticket per name & email.  However, you can sign up other people as long as you put in their name and email for each person you’re signing up.  If you attempt to sign up and it says the event is sold out, register anyway and you’ll be put on the waiting list.  If someone cancels their ticket, the first person on the waiting list gets their ticket.

TSR will be posting a link on Twitter and Facebook at 12pmCST SHARP on Friday so be on the lookout!




Hey Roadies! We’ve been nominated for a #CMchattys Award for Must Follow Duo!! We’ve officially made it through to the second round of voting & since these awards are fan voted, we need YOUR help to win!

The second round of voting has already started and goes through this Friday, May 16th & if we make it, round three will continue on after that.  To vote for us for this award, log onto twitter and tweet:

     “I vote @twostoryroad #MustFollowDuo for the @CMchatLIVE #CMchattys #TSRchattys” 

You can also vote by visiting the CM Chatty’s Award official website & clicking on our name

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS!  Voting on Twitter is UNLIMITED!

HOWEVER, twitter won’t let you tweet the exact same tweet twice. So, add a 1,2,3 etc at the end of each post so you can tweet and vote more than once. Also, be sure to add a “space” between #TSRchattys and the number you add to it.

Correct format: #TSRchattys 1 or #TSRchattys 2 or #TSRchattys 3  etc…

Incorrect format: #TSRchattys1  or #TSRchattys2 or #TSRchattys3  etc…

****ATTENTION**** – if you post too many tweets too fast, twitter will think it’s spam & your vote won’t count on CMChat’s twitter account so space them out every few minutes.

Here’s the fun part!  If you add the hashtag #TSRchattys at the end of your tweet, you’ll be entered in a special raffle!

As our way of thanking all you amazing fans for voting for us, we’ve decided to hold a raffle!  For every five (5) twitter votes that any person tweets, he/she will gain one (1) entry into the raffle!  Entries are unlimited!  For example, if someone tweets 25 times over the course of the next 5 days, they will have 5 entries in the raffle.  The hashtag #TSRchattys MUST be included in every tweet for it to count towards the raffle.  Names will be drawn in June after the winners are announced. Even if we don’t win the award, you can still win these raffle prizes.  Winners will be contacted via twitter upon completion of the awards.  Remember, since this is a raffle, each entry will be drawn randomly so the more entries you have, the better your chances are at winning! Here are the prizes up for grabs:

1st name drawn – Hand-written lyrics to a TSR song of your choice, a 30minute private ooVoo video chat/concert for you & up to 3 friends, and 3 TSR MP3 downloads***

2nd name drawn – Personal phone call from TSR & 3 TSR MP3 downloads***

3rd name drawn –  Personal phone call from TSR & 2 TSR MP3 downloads***

4th name drawn –  2 TSR MP3 downloads***

5th name drawn –  1 TSR MP3 download***


***choose any TSR song found on the following playlists:

Different songs can be found on each playlist so check all 3 sites!

REMINDER, add #TSRchattys when you are voting via the CMChat website if you want to be entered for the raffle.

Although we have no way of tracking it, we kindly ask for your votes on Facebook & Google+ as well. 🙂


To vote through FB, click on this link, find the picture of us, and “like” it.





CMchat Live Video Interview

This Friday, May 9th at 5pm, TSR will be doing a live video interview with their friends at CMchat during their #Twangout event to celebrate the 3rd year of CMchat bringing fans closer to their favorite artists.  Click on the link below for details on how to watch.  Once you’ve read all the info on their page, click on the “Twangout” link at the top to watch the interview!