TSR just kicked off bonfire season in style with a brand new video shot entire on an iPhone!!! Combining their own song “Light Of The Moon” with Little Bit Town’s “Boondocks” to make the perfect mashup for your backyard party playlists. You can watch it here on Facebook page or click here to see it on Youtube.

One reply on “NEW VIDEO!!!”

Wow!! Love this 🙂 Had ta Grab My Blues Harps, Tried My Blown out Ecco Harp , #G. I wish I Could Have Sat in on Your Jam & done Some Blues Harping ‘ Braking out da Bullet Mike & Amp,Reverb to da Max, For a Sunrise Jam in da Morning , God Bless Ya’ll *PEACE* 🙂

Capt. Walt , Camp Wally,

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